'The Dark Tower' With Javier Bardem Gets the Ax

The Dark Tower, a three-part movie franchise and TV series that was supposed to star Javier Bardem, has been canceled, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Universal Pictures backed out of the huge project, which was going to be an adaptation of famous author Stephen King’s seven-part fantasy Western series. The project encountered a series of problems including budgetary issues and the fall start date being pushed. This is the second time that an adaptation of The Dark Tower failed.

Javier Bardem Will Save Civilization

The 42-year-old Bardem was supposed to play gunslinger Roland Deschain from the book series. The huge franchise would have meant a major paycheck for Bardem, but apparently for most working actors, big pay days of that sort are not the norm. The Spanish actor recently attended a news conference in Geneva, Switzerlandto speak in support of actors’ rights and against piracy.  According to the Agence France-Presse, Bardem said that more than 90 percent of actors have problems surviving off what they earn.  “Renumeration of actors is crucial,” he said.  “Not for people like me, but for those who have a problem living from what they are doing.” 

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