Cuban Movie Revolution: 'Juan of the Dead'?

Cuba is producing its first big-budget horror movie! Writer-director Alejandro Brugues talked to CNN about the zombie comedy, in which hero Juan, an unemployed loafer, has to decide to flee the zombies or make money off them. While it may be a zombie movie, Brugues tells CNN it is a very Cuban movie as well. "We always do the same thing in the face of trouble. First we try to make some money out of it. Then we try to leave the country. And that's what our heroes do throughout the film."

Brugues and his partners created 5a Avenida, a production company, and they secured a whopping $2.3 million for special effects. 

These are our favorite web trailers of the day. Possibly ever. Watch as Juan takes on the zombies and the new "revolution" begins!