Critical Mass: Will You See "Bride Wars" or "The Unborn"?

Are you in the mood for a crazy catfight comedy or a spinetingling thriller this weekend? That's the choice Hollywood is giving us this weekend, via Bride Wars and The Unborn. Los Angelenos and NYCers have the added option of Ché, but let's break down the pros and cons of the big movies for everyone else, shall we?

No doubt you've heard about the Bride Wars, since its stars, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, are on a media blitz this week to promote it. The two play BFFs-turned-Bridezillas who face off in an attempt to upstage one another's weddings. Both actresses are smart, talented ladies whose movies we usually flock to see, but we're not especially psyched for this one. They act like complete loquitas in the trailer by dying each other's hair blue, calling each other fat and pretty much giving a bad name to ambitious brides everywhere! The reviews coming in aren't much better. Boston Globe says the movie "makes its chick characters - and by extension its chick audience - look
like hateful, backward toddlers, and there is something wrong with
that." And yet the San Francisco Chronicle counters, "If you came to see two pretty girls in wedding dresses wrestle, you won't be disappointed." That's reason to think twice...

Or to go see The Unborn instead. It stars the lovely cubana up-and-comer Odette Yustman, previously of Cloverfield, as a woman who is haunted by her unborn twin brother ultimately decides to have an exorcism performed on herself. How one leads to the other is not as clear, but the trailer creeped us out so much, we're not sure if we could endure the full film to find out. This New York Times review is giving us reason to be brave, though: "The film teeters so perilously and routinely at the edge of's hard to
know if [director] Mr. Goyer wants to make us howl with fear or laughter." That's the way we like our horror movies!

So, what'll it be?