Clive Owen To Star in Film About Colombian Drug Cartels

British heart-throb Clive Owen might want to start brushing up on his Spanish skills. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Children of Men actor has signed on to star in Cartagena, a new film being bank rolled by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about the Colombian drug cartels.

Owen will play an undercover agent who gets caught up in a complex situation between the drug dealers and the international agents trying to bring them down. The film takes it name from the city of Cartagena located on the northern coast of the Colombia which has received notoriety due to its colorful history.

Hollywood seems to have taken notice of Colombia as of late. Both Warner Bros. and Sony have acquired projects about Ingrid Betancourt’s daring rescue earlier this year. A country blessed with natural beauty, Colombia has also historically been a hotbed of political and social controversy.