EXCLUSIVE: Chrissie Fit Talks 'Pitch Perfect 2' & Bringing Her Latina Flavor to the Screen

EXCLUSIVE: Chrissie Fit Pitch Perfect 2

Our favorite Cubanita is doing it up big this year!

Chrissie Fit is one of the newest Barden Bellas, stealing the screen in the aca-awesome Pitch Perfect sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. Fit stars as "Flo," a foreign exchange student from Central America whom the actress says is "a dose of reality for the Bellas, coming from a different country and having gone through extreme circumstances."

We caught up with the Miami-born star to get the scoop on her character, find out what it was like being one of the new girls on the Barden block, and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

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What was it like to star alongside actresses like Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks?
Amazing! I was, of course, really nervous at first because I was joining  such a close knit cast. But they welcomed me into the group so quickly and were so lovely. I learned so much for all of them. I was, am, will always be, so grateful that I got to work with such talented women. Having Elizabeth Banks in the directing chair was especially amazing.

Tell us the best part about joining a franchise like Pitch Perfect.
It's such a beloved franchise. I remember seeing Pitch Perfect and loving it right away. It's hilarious! A film starring  women that was random, smart, and a little off-beat? I mean, that's totally my jam! The fact that I get to be one of them now, in a film written and directed by women, is incredible. That's the best part, all the girl power!  Plus the new and incredible friendships I've formed.

What was it like being one of the new girls on the block?
Once the nerves faded away, it was so much fun! Bella bootcamp lasted for about a month and then we shot the movie in two. We spent so much time together in Baton Rouge and even in New Orleans (weekend getaways!). I was in a sorority and I can liken it to that. I was a pledge and all the girls were my big sisters.

Tell us about your character Flo. How did you infuse your Latina flavor into your character?
Florencia "Flo" Fuentes is a foreign exchange student who comes to Barden University to continue her studies. She is smart, like super smart. She is often poking fun of the trivial things that the other Bellas consider catastrophic with her dark sense of humor and sarcasm. It was so fun to play such a clever character. I borrowed my mom's Latina flavor for this one. I think that if my Cuban mother had been in an acapella group in college, she would have been Flo.

What is your favorite thing about playing Flo?
That she has no filter. She isn't afraid of saying what she thinks.

How did you prepare for the role? And all the singing that came along with?
We had an amazing team who whipped us into shape before we started filming. Our days were broken up into dance rehearsals, group music rehearsal, private singing sessions, and working on any stunts we were doing in the film. Flo says a lot of crazy things in this movie but she also does a lot of crazy things in this movie. I know that's super vague but you'll see!

What was the craziest thing that happened on set?
A lot of crazy things happened on set! But now that we are talking about stunt work, I just remembered that I got pitched slapped by a lake! When I did this stunt that had us propelling into a lake from a blob bounce, I went way too high in the air, over rotated, and landed cheek first into the water. It was insane!

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What's up next for you? Maybe Pitch Perfect 3 on the horizon?
Teen Beach 2 comes out really soon — June 26th! You can see me singing and dancing there, too. My character, CheeChee, has a song in the sequel that's really funny. I also just finished writing a script, a comedy, with my talented best friend and writing partner, Cyrina Fiallo. And as for Pitch Perfect 3? That would be amazing! I had the time of my life making this film and love these girls so much. I would do a Pitch Perfect 29, where the Bellas take on the Spaniards instead of the Germans. All the girls would have to learn Spanish. I'll teach them!

Pitch Perfect 2 is in theaters everywhere Friday, May 15!