#SquadGoals: 5 Latina Trios We'd Cast as the Next Charlie's Angels

ICYMI: Charlie's Angels is coming back to the big-screen, and it looks like Elizabeth Banks will be at the helm as producer and director. In the 200 movie, Cameron Diaz played Natalie Cook, an optimistic, starry-eyed, shy and somewhat goofy nerd. Drew Barrymore played Dylan Sanders, a wild child with street-smarts. And Lucy Lui played Alex Munday, the sophisticated class act who knows her way around an epic bomb. 

To celebrate the return of these three badass chicas, we decided to put together our dream cast for the Charlie's Angels reboot: 

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1. 1

We could definitely see Alexa PenaVega, Demi Lovatoand Naya Rivera as the trio from Charlie's Angels. We would cast Alexa as Natalie Cook, Demi as Dylan Sanders, and Naya as Alex Munday. These ladies would kick butt — and look good doing it. 

2. 2

For the next group of chicas, we picked the beautiful Bella ThorneCierra Ramirez and Sara Paxton. Bella would be great in the role of Dylan; she even has the red hair to prove it! Sara is a perfect reflection of Natalie, and Cierra could play the more mature and ninja-like Alex. 

3. 3

Josie Lauren is bubbly enough to play Natalie. Emily Rios, however, usually plays characters with a lot going on in their lives  — which makes her the best choice for Dylan. Last but not least, Genesis Rodriguez would be the perfect Alex. She has the skill and badass atittude. 

4. 4

The next group of ladies that could play the angels of Charlie are Chrissy Fit as Natalie, Makenzie Vega as Dylan and Christian Serratos as Alex. Chrissy has the perfect personality to play this character, Makenzie is smart and cunning — just like Dylan — and Christian has got the look to play Alex. 

5. 5

Could these ladies pull off running around the world and catching bad guys? We think YES! Victoria Justice could play sweet Natalie, while Francia Raisa could be the twisted killer Dylan. Selena Gomez, on the other hand, would be the perfect Alex. She has that sleek dark hair, and she wears her heart on her sleeve.