Casting the Chilean Miners Movie!

For months we've been hearing that the riveting true story of the Chilean miners, who were trapped underground for 69 days would be turned into a movie, and now is reporting that Mike Medavoy (the producer of the Oscar-nominated film, Black Swan) has acquired the rights to the story and he's tapped Jose Rivera—the scribe who wrote the Che Guevara biopic, The Motorcycle Diaries—to adapt the film, which is set to begin filming next year!

Since the roles for the film have yet to be cast, we thought it would be fun to cast them ourselves. Here are our dream casting choices for the film!

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1. Jimmy Smits & Sebastian Pinera

Sebastian Pinera, 61: For the role of the composed President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, we like Jimmy Smits—who was the picture of calm and class first as Senator, then as President Matt Santos on the Emmy-winning series, The West Wing.

2. Luis Urzua & Tony Plana

Luis Urzua, 54: The last miner to emerge from the San Jose Mine in Northern Chile was Luis Urzua, who also happened to be the team’s leader and foreman. The other men called him the “captain” because Urzua was the one keeping everyone alive underground. Who better to play the group’s leader—and father figure— than our favorite TV dad, Ugly Betty’s Tony Plana.

3. Yonni Barrios & Eddie Cibrian

Yonni Barrios, 50:  Yonni is the miner who had both a wife and a mistress waiting for him to come out of the mine. Reportedly, when he found out, he told his fellow miners that he’d rather stay trapped underground then face the music. We figured we should cast a fellow charming adulterer for this role, so Eddie Cibrian won the part. In all seriousness, Cibrian’s dimples are the perfect way to make the villain of this story more relatable.

4. Mario Sepulveda & Nestor Carbonnel

Mario Sepulveda, 40: Of the 33 miners trapped underground, Mario Sepulveda was one of the most intriguing—he was even given the nickname “Super Mario” by the press because he was so optimistic throughout the ordeal. Mario is a man of God who summed up his experience in the mine by saying: “I was with God and with the devil, and God took me.” Our dream casting choice for Mario is Nestor Carbonell, 43, who played the mystical, God-fearing Richard Alpert on Lost.

5. Cecilia Morel Montes & Cote de Pablo

Cecilia Pinera: During the mining accident ordeal, Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Pinera stood by her bunny throughout the entire rescue operation, and doing everything she could do to help the miners and their families. When the first man came out from the mine, she started crying, clearly moved by the rescue. NCIS star Cote de Pablo (a proud chilena) would be the perfect choice to play the first lady with a combination of strength and grace.

6. Edison Pena & Oscar Nunez

Edison “The Runner” Peña, 34: Edison earned the nickname “The Runner” because while the miners were trapped underground, he would run three to six miles a day through the dark tunnels to maintain his sanity and health. Peña is a natural ham; he even sang an Elvis Presley song on Late Night with David Letterman! He takes everything in stride (pun intended), so we’d love to see Oscar Nunez play Edison with the same kind of deadpan humor he delivers weekly on The Office.