Cameron, Eva, Nicole and Salma Shine at the Women in Film Awards

It was a major night for some of our brightest stars! The Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards, which honors the most successful women in television and film, were held last night in LA, and Latinas dominated the red carpet. Cameron Diaz (the highest paid female actress in Hollywood, according to Forbes) was in attendance, as were Nicole Richie and Eva Mendes.

But the real stunner was Salma Hayek, who took home the 2008 Lucy Award for excellence in television. Her impressive resume includes actress, producer, executive producer, and, most recently, new mom. Besides Ugly Betty, her production company Ventanazul is developing a half-dozen new projects for film and television.

Even though Salma's rockin' the power suit these days, she still hasn't forgotten her first love—acting. She'll grace the big screen again with roles in Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua, La Banda, and Keep Coming Back. With all that under her belt, Salma managed to look cool and collected as she accepted the award in a sophisticated black and white dress suit. She gave The Hollywood Reporter this advice for women seeking her success: "Follow your heart. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Never put yourself down. Thank yourself for getting you where you are, and never give up." Okay, but how do we look that good while making it?