Cameron Diaz's 'Green Hornet' Character is "Smarter Than All of Them"

Last year, when Cameron Diaz was cast as Seth Rogen's love interest in The Green Hornet, we were hoping that Hollywood's highest paid actress wasn't settling for a thankless role as a cliched big screen love interest. What we didn't know was that Diaz's character, Lenore Case, would become the brains behind the Green Hornet.

"Lenore is smarter than all of them," Diaz boasted to of her character, a highly efficient secretary and researcher with great insights into the criminal world.

Diaz's co-star seems to agree, "She unknowingly to her, becomes the mastermind behind their whole operation," admits Rogen.

We can't wait to see Diaz kicking ass and taking names when The Green Hornet flies into theaters on January 14th!