Cameron Diaz Shaves Her Head for New Role

Well, not really. Unlike the daring Demi Moore (for GI Jane) and Natalie Portman (for V for Vendetta), Cam wore a bald cap in her upcoming movie My Sister’s Keeper. In the new film, the Cuban American actress plays mom to two teenage daughters, one of who is genetically engineered (Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine fame) to save the life of her cancer-battling older sister (Sofia Vassilieva of NBC hit show Medium).

Playing a mom to not one but two teenage daughters, and in the process tackling the pretty prickly subject of a human’s rights/ownership over her own body? That’s a nice change for the girl whose last role was playing a disoriented, late-20s gal who marries Ashton Kutcher in Vegas one drunken night. Check out the trailer below and enjoy.