Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes Nominated for Razzie Awards

Every January, just a couple of days before the Oscar nominations, the original snark celebration known as the RAZZIE Awards announce which actors and movies they hated the most. This year, we're sad to say that three top Latina screen sirens have been nominated for Razzies: Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes.

Diaz and Alba received solo nods for Worst Actress of 2008 for their roles in What Happens in Vegas and The Love Guru / The Eye, respectively, while Mendes was nominated along with her ensemble cast (Annette Bening, Debra Messing, Jada-Pinket Smith and Debra Messing) in the uber-chick flick, The Women. Diaz was also called out alongside her Vegas co-star Ashton Kutcher for Worst Screen Couple, though somehow Demi's hubby managed to escape without a Worst Actor nomination. (Maybe he's still cashing in on his Punk'd cred?)

Although John Leguizamo did not receive any Razzie nominations this year, he did earn the dubious distinction of co-starring in The Happening, the pseudo-thriller up for Worst Movie and Worst Actor (Mark Wahlberg), Worst Screenplay and Worst Director (M. Knight Shyamalan). Not a good look for Leguizamo, which is why had no choice but to institute a John Leguizamo Award for Bad Acting in 2008 for our own version of the Razzies - the Lazzies (coming soon!)

Expect to see none of these stars walking the red carpet for this award show.

What do you think? Did Cameron, Jessica and Eva give the worst screen performances of 2008? Was The Happening the worst movie of '08? Will John Leguizamo catch a break in the forseeable future? Discuss.