Cameron Diaz: I Have Trouble Finding Work

She may have a body that makes 20-somethings jealous and a charm that has made her the top earning actress in Hollywood, but even Cameron Diaz can't count on job security. The 35-year-old actress, whose films have grossed close to $3 billion over the years, admits that she's feeling the effects of ageism in Hollywood.

"I am in between that period...too old for girlfriend roles and way too young for grandma roles. It's a tough time," the actress told

Even though we know Hollywood is a brutally cutthroat place, we have a feeling tall, blonde, leggy Cameron won't struggle too much to find roles (there has to be something between girlfriend and grandma, right?). She not only brings in major bucks at the box office, we're guessing actors 10 years younger would jump at the chance to share the screen with this sexy mamita.