Cameron Diaz is Hollywood's Top-Earning Actress

Doesn't look like gas prices and rising unemployment will be affecting Cameron Diaz anytime soon. The Cuban American actress was just named Hollywood's top-earning actress by Forbes magazine. The Shrek star raked in $50 million last year, more than any other female in Tinseltown. On the boys side, Will Smith came out on top as the country's top earning actor, banking $80 million last year alone.

The difference between Will and Cameron's salaries is indicative of an industry-wide trend, in that men in Hollywood earn nearly twice what women do. We know it doesn't make a huge difference when you're annual salary is in the tens of millions, but we still think it's wrong in principal that the men in Hollywood are pulling in so much more cash than the women. It's not like the coveted demographic of teenage boys are paying 11 bucks a pop to see Will Smith dance in his underwear, right?