Cameron Diaz Is Afraid of Her Own Shadow

Have you ever just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a really good scary movie? Well, Cameron Diaz hasn’t!

Despite starring in the upcoming horror flick, The Box, the actress confessed to being too frightened to actually watch scary movies. In fact, just the previews are enough to freak her out. While at Comic-Con to promote the new film, Diaz admitted to, "You know what terrifies me? Trailers to horror movies! I just can't watch them. I hate horror movies. I'm always afraid."

And watching a scary movie at night is absolutely out of the question. “I kind of want to look, but I'm always afraid that I'm going to look too long and see the one image that I'm not going to be able to get out of my head for at least a week every night before I'm going to bed,” Diaz said with a shudder.

It’s hard to believe that Diaz willingly tackled a role in a psychological thriller when even previews of scary movies get her shaken up. But we’re sure that given her acting skills she managed to put aside her fear to nail the part.