Bruno Makes Fun of Salma Hayek

Bruno’s at it again. This time the Austrian fashionista’s target is the sensuous Salma Hayek. While going to the spa for a quick wax job he makes a few jokes at the expense of Mexicans, Miss Hayek in particular. Bruno says his first choice spa was the place where the sultry mexicana “gets her hairy ass done.” He then makes a joke about the spa workers making a coat of her discarded body hair. Gross as that is, if it were possible, it would probably sell for a pretty penny on eBay.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest flick, Bruno, had been riddled with controversy, from lawsuits to talk of Cohen being homophobic and making fun of gay people, and this film often misses the mark as a social satire. Some argue that Cohen is poking fun at vapid celebrity culture and material things, while others think he is using a stereotype to get a few cheap laughs. What do you think: Does it matter that Bruno is politically incorrect? Isn't that sort of the point?