Box Office News: Who Saw "Nothing Like The Holidays"?

Not that many people, it seems. While the Latin-themed holiday flick was one of only two new films to open in wide release this week--Keanu Reeves' sci-fi remake The Day The Earth Stood Still was the other--Nothing Like The Holidays earned just $3.5 million to land at #7 on the box office chart. The movie's distribution rep expressed his disappiontment to The Hollywood Reporter: "We wish it had done better...but we're hoping it finds its footing as a Christmas perennial."

Faring much better this weekend was Ché, the Steven Soderbergh-directed biopic starring Benicio Del Toro. The film opened in just two theaters--one in New York and one in Los Angeles--in order to qualify for Oscar contention, and it sold out both of them for an impressive tally of $60,100. Guess no one was deterred by the movie's four hour-plus running time! Ché will open in wide release on January 24.

It's reported that Nothing Like The Holidays delivered solid numbers in larger, more urban markets but struggled pretty much everywhere else. Did you catch the movie this weekend? And do you think middle American audiences are just not ready yet to embrace a holiday movie starring mostly Latinos? Share your thoughts in the comments.