Commentary: Latinas Are Either Saints or Whores, According to New Movie

Meanwhile, her daughter goes from wanting to have sex with the first man she sees to “learning” that she should deny him until he proves he respects her to deciding she should go for it anyway after he fulfills a few of the things she wrote on her list. That’s right, she actually came up with a list of things that this man must do before she gives herself to him—and in the end decides to ignore it all in the happy sexual conclusion for Jared. 

The thing that I really don’t understand about this movie is how it was allowed to be made. Did nobody who read the script realize how terrible this movie was? Did Colombian-born Ana Ayora not raise her eyebrows when she read her part? It’s really discouraging that Hollywood’s portrayal of Latina women can still be so horrible and nobody does anything to change things. 

It’s 2013 and we’re living in a world with plenty of hard working Latina actresses, entrepreneurs, political activists, a Supreme Court justice and even Latina women who are running countries. But instead of taking any of this into account, we’re left with the same old stereotypes once again. I can only hope that, one day, maybe things will actually change.

Unfortunately, that day doesn't seem to be today. Maybe tomorrow. 

What do you think about the perpetual Latina stereotypes in Hollywood? Did you see The Big Wedding and feel differently? Share with us in the comments below.