Commentary: Latinas Are Either Saints or Whores, According to New Movie

When we meet Nuria at the airport, she looks normal enough. Just a few minutes later, she is getting completely naked by the lake near Alejandro’s house. That’s right. The second time we see Nuria is as she’s jumping nude into the water (oh, hello there, gratuitous naked bum scene) in front of Jared (Topher Grace), her biological brother’s adoptive brother.

It’s not just that this wild woman from that “other” culture got naked for virtually no reason, though. As she swims up to Jared and tells him about her dreams of seeing as much of America as she can in the next three days and whether he will help escort her, she asks him if he will also make love to her.

Let me repeat that: she asks a man she met 10 minutes ago whether he will have sex with her.

You know, because obviously all of us Latinas want one of two things: a pristine, Catholic marriage or lots and LOTS of sex with random strangers.

At least that’s the message that The Big Wedding seems to be sending.