Benicio Del Toro to Join Sean Penn and Jim Carrey for "The Three Stooges" Movie?

Benicio del Toro has played many an eccentric role in his long career—we've even lovingly documented them—but this one may go down as most bizarre to date. The boricua thesp is reportedly in talks to play Moe in a movie version of The Three Stooges directed by the Farrelly Brothers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey are already in official negotiations to play Larry and Curly Howard, respectively, while del Toro is rumored to be in play for the role of Moe, the trio's bowl-cut sporting ringleader. We can't help but wonder whether he saw Javier Bardem's ridiculous hairdo in No Country for Old Men and thought, I want that.

If this happens, it will go down as the most ingenious casting of a film ever. Possibly even better than Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man.

Do you think Benicio would make a good Stooge?