Benicio Del Toro Brings "Che" to Cuba

When Steven Soderbergh's Che premiered last week in Miami, the iconic revolutionary's biopic was met with protests. But at the film's debut on Saturday at Cuba's Havana Film Festival, its star, Benicio Del Toro, received a standing ovation. The actor spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about all the mixed reception:

"That's part of what makes America," Del Toro said of the protest. "You get to say what you think. I find it a little weird that they were protesting without having seen the film, but that's another matter."

To those who did see the film, Benicio addressed the implications of playing Che Guevara, someone as equally revered as he was despised: "There was a responsibility to this role, and bringing the film here has only increased that sense of responsibility."

Controversy aside, we're just excited that people will be able to see this mammoth movie soon and judge it for themselves! Che will screen on December 12 for lucky filmgoers in Los Angeles and New York before it premieres nationwide in January. Press play below to watch its brand new trailer: