Becky G Talks Spending Holidays With Family & Upcoming Role in 'Power Rangers'

Becky G Talks Spending Holidays With Family & Upcoming Role in 'Power Rangers'
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As Becky G prepares to head home for the holidays she’s looking forward to sharing the “highs and lows” of her year with family.

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“I’m one of nineteen grandchildren on my mom’s side, one of fifteen on my dad’s,” the 18-year-old singer-actress told “We’ll all get together at someone’s house and before we open presents, we all go in a circle and we all talk about our highs and lows of that year and what we’re most thankful for and what’s impacted our lives.”

The emotional family time that often leaves everyone “crying, because there’s a lot to catch up with,” will surely include Becky’s recent career accomplishments like her stint on the hit series Empire and her upcoming role in Power Rangers.

“I’ve always had a passion for (acting), since I was very young, but once I got signed as an artist to a record label, I kind of felt like I wanted to pursue music more and establish myself as an artist,” she explained.

After finding success in the music game, Becky G now has the opportunity to turn her focus on acting. Following her guest starring role opposite Taraji P. Henson and Terrance Howard, she’s found herself with a new gig as the yellow Power Ranger, a role she landed while touring.

“(My agent) sends me this role … and I’m like, ‘Girl I ain’t got time for this! I’m tired, I’m on a tour bus. I don’t feel like self-recording, reading these lines,’” she said.

But after some convincing, Becky gave in and tried out for the part, which she was up against a few others for before landing the role.

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“I got the call that I was going to be the yellow Power Ranger. It just felt so right!” she recalled. “Yellow is my favorite color, so I was like this is meant to be. (Laughs) I’ll be filming at the top of next year in Vancouver, Canada.”