"Avatar" Sees "Titanic" Ticket Sales

Could it be that James Cameron has finally topped...himself?

Fox reports that Avatar ticket sales have surpassed Titanic's record setting $1.24 billion. Avatar hit $1.29 billion at the international box office this weekend and the studio estimates that the sci-fi blockbuster will top Titanic's worldwide gross of $1.848 billion to become globe's biggest selling movie of all time by Monday.

The only record left for Avatar to destroy is the all-time domestic ticket sales mark, also currently held by Titanic. But Fox expects that to be shattered within a week and a half due to the 3D and IMAX versions of Cameron's new film. It already managed to leave The Dark Knight in the dust by bringing in $36 million more this weekend and maintaining its number one position at the box office for an amazing sixth week straight. "Milestones like this are great," Fox exec Chris Aronson said. "It's part of an amazing ride the film has taken us on. This film is still just captivating audiences on global basis."

So with all this success a sequel seems inevitable, right? Leading lady Zoe Saldana seems to think so. When we asked her about revisiting the imaginary world so richly rendered by James Cameron, she said, "It would be an awful waste of Pandoran space if we didn't go back there and continued exploring this story."