Avatar Opens to $232 Million Worldwide, Zoe Saldana Embraces Her Inner Geek

If box office totals are any clue, chances are you went to see James Cameron’s Avatar this weekend. Despite snowstorms that pounded much of the East Coast, Avatar managed to take the top spot with $73 million domestically and an estimated $231.18 million worldwide. That makes it the best 3-D debut ever and the second best December debut after Will Smith’s I Am Legend.

So, how is the film’s star Zoe Saldana adjusting to her position as the new queen of sci-fi? According to the actress, it wasn’t very difficult. She considers herself to be a nerd at heart. Saldana, who plays Neytiri in Avatar and starred as Uhura in Star Trek, says she is drawn to roles that have a lot of geek appeal.

"For me, it's been like preaching to my choir, because I was considered what you would think of as a geek," Saldana, 31, told People at the Avatar premiere in Los Angeles last week.

"I loved stories that helped me escape, and those happened to be the stories that fall into the category of geekiness. So, therefore, I am a proud geek!"

Sometimes we think women like Saldana—impossibly gorgeous, successful and kind—say things like that to make the rest of us feel better. And we appreciate that!

Did you go see Avatar this weekend? If so, what did you think?