Antonio Banderas on Pedro Almodóvar: "He Saw My Departure as a Betrayal”

Antonio Banderas opened up recently about his once-rocky working relationship with director Pedro Almodóvar.  The pair, both from Spain, didn’t work with one another for about two decades.  Banderas, who stars in Almodóvar’s new film, La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In), told a French newspaper that the director saw his departure to Hollywood decades ago as a betrayal.  “He [Almodóvar] found me, and in a sense I was his,” the handsome actor said.  “He saw my departure as a betrayal. He’s needed time to forgive me,” Banderas added, noting that two never lost contact even though they didn't work together all that time.

WATCH: First Full Trailer for Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘La Piel Que Habito’ reports that in 1991, Almodóvar proposed a role in Kika to Banderas, but the Spanish actor accepted an offer to play in the U.S. film The Mambo Kings.  Banderas said that the director did not take it too well. Banderas also joked that Almodóvar remains the same “infernal” director as always and that he filmed scenes in the new horror film over and over again "until he gets exactly what he wants.”

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We're not surprised - that perfectionism is likely what has made Almodóvar one of the most exciting movie directors in the world to watch for over 20 years!