Antonio Banderas Set to Play Gianni Versace in Biopic

Antonio Banderas Set to Play Gianni Versace in New Biopic
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Antonio Banderas is going to channel his inner Versace. 

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The 55-year-old is set to play Gianni Versaceaccording to WWD. The film is going to start beginning filming in December in Milan. Banderas is also set to shoot in Reggio Calabria, Italy, where Versace was born and Miami, where he was murdered. 

A spokesperson told WWD that the fashion house "has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming movie about Versace. The movie should be seen as a work of fiction. 

“Probably one of the happiest times of my life was the Eighties, and I remember Versace putting gold with leather,” Banderas said “I had this in mind, so we wanted to add the gold color, it’s those little details. I love motorcycles, I ride motorcycles, so we wanted to have a jacket that I can use and people with bikes can use for that purpose.”

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We can't wait to see what Banderas is going to do with this role.