Ana de la Reguera Hates Jeans, Loves Tracy Morgan

When Ana de la Reguera first turns up in the new movie Cop Out, she’s bedraggled, disheveled and tied up in the trunk of a car—a far cry from the perfectly put together beauty in a chic black Theory dress who’s in L.A. for a day of press before returning to New York for the film’s premiere. A bold gold and black necklace she bought in Spain and Mephisto ballet flats complete her look. “I was wearing heels but I got tired,” explains the Mexican actress, who prefers classic styles, clean lines and in true Latina style, rarely wears jeans, not even to the supermarket.

“I’m not tall or skinny, and I’d rather know that something looks good on me than is trendy. I have every type of dress,” says De la Reguera, who will occasionally wear black pants with a wider leg. “Skinny jeans are not that good if you have curves.”

While she doesn’t buy clothes online because she prefers to try things on, de la Reguera loves to shop as she travels, picking up favorite items like a fitted black and navy blue coat she bought in Tokyo.

A fan of Latin designers like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Louis Verdad and Pamela Gonzalez, whose design she wore to the Emmys, De la Reguera gravitates toward blues and greens, but wore a black Dolce & Gabbana dress to the Cop Out premiere after considering several different options.

In the action movie, De la Reguera is a murder witness vital to the plot that finds NYPD partners (Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan) battling a ruthless drug lord played by Guillermo Diaz. Although playing a mexicana wasn’t a stretch—all her dialogue is in Spanish—there was one challenge: keeping a straight face around perpetually hysterical Morgan.

Director Kevin Smith allowed her to improvise her own dialogue, which is English-subtitled. Ironically, her next film, Di Di Hollywood, is in Spanish, but she speaks English in her role as a Salma Hayek-inspired Latina star.

Coming up, de la Reguera will star opposite Demian Bechir as the second wife of Mexican hero Miguel Hidalgo in the epic film tentatively titled Hidalgo–Moliere, and return to TV for the second season of HBO’s Capadocia later this year.