America Ferrera on an 'Ugly Betty' Movie: "I'm Open to the Idea" (EXCLUSIVE)

Ever since Betty Suarez hung up her poncho back in 2010, fans of the hit ABC dramedy have been eagerly awaiting an Ugly Betty movie, based on the hit TV series. 

And since actress Kristen Bell and producer Rob Thomas were able to raise a whopping $2.5 million for a Veronica Mars movie two weeks ago (via the crowdfunding site, we asked Ugly Betty star America Ferrera if she's thought about doing an Ugly Betty movie and raising funds for it on the popular fundraising site.

"I think it would be really fun!" Ferrera told us on the phone this morning, while promoting her new movie It's A Disaster. "I'm not really in the position to say whether or not that's going to happen. I don't really know where that stands. {But} I think our fans have wanted it and I think it would be fun, so I'm open to the idea," she said.

Asked if she misses playing the loveable Betty Suarez, America said, "Of course. I had a wonderful time on the show and loved my cast and loved my crew and had an amazing experience. It would be fun to revisit the character."

But that doesn't mean she knows what Betty would be up to in the movie version of the show. "I have no idea," (Laughs). I have absolutely no idea," she said.

Would you watch an Ugly Betty movie? Should the show start a Kickstarter campaign for a movie? Dish in the comments!