America Ferrera Opens Up about Working with Her New Fiance

We caught up with America Ferrera and her fiancé, Ryan Piers William, yesterday at the New York Latino Film Festival as they promoted the film The Dry Land. The film depicts a US soldier returning home from war and shows his struggles to reconcile his experiences abroad with the life and family he left in Texas. 

With America executive producing and starring in the film and her hubby-to-be directing the project, we just had to find out what it was like to work for the actress with her other half. "I first met Ryan working on a short film that he was doing, so I think that a big part of our bond is the passion for what we do, so working together felt natural," she told us. "It is something we both really care about and is important to us, so it was a really good experience working together." And America says supporting her man was as rewarding to her as it was for him. "Being able to be a part of this project five years ago when he was first talking about it gave me a perspective on what he was wanting to do, and I was confident in my ability to help him achieve his vision. I felt it was my role to help him achieve that as a producer. It was honestly one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my career."

While the former Ugly Betty star says she's uncertain about her future wedding plans at the moment, one thing she is sure about is her admiration for her fiancé’s work ethic. "He’s always the hardest working person in any room and inspires everyone around him with his focus, passion, and energy. It’s a lot of work to make a movie and to have to be the moral leader, and he does it with a lot of commitment," Ferrera said with pride. "I think that watching him make this movie and bring it all together taught me a lot about what it takes to set a vision and really achieve it."