Alice Braga on Keeping it (Sort of) Real in ‘Repo Men’ and her Sick Sex Scene with Jude Law

Repo Men, 2009

Brasileña Alice Braga stars opposite the swoon-worthy Jude Law and Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker in Repo Men, a new sci-fi action flick hitting theaters nationwide today. So, if you're judging Braga by the company she keeps, it looks like homegirl is doing just fine!

The new movie interestingly balances a dystopic view of the future with humor, action and a touch of romance—provided mainly by Braga. We asked the actress if her recent string of roles in sci-fi and action movies puts her in contention with Zoe Saldana as reigning Queen of the Geeks, and how she felt filming a very bizarre love scene with known Lothario, Jude Law.

Can we safely assume that you’re a sci-fi fan with the last few films you've been in? I Am Legend, Blindness, and now, Repo Men?

It was something that my mom always loved, so I grew up watching these types of films. But it wasn’t something I was focused to do. The script came up, I had fun with it, I liked it and it happened! I think these types of films open a door for our imaginations. There is no reality so you can play around with it in a way—I enjoyed doing it, it was a happy coincidence. My mom always asks me, “When are you going to do a romantic comedy, without monsters?” [laughs]

Do you think your character in the film, Beth, was plagued by an addiction to surgery?

Miguel and I spoke a lot about her past. I think it’s just life. We created a background, some diseases, health problems and addictions. I think once she started replacing the parts and getting upgrades, that's when it became mainly an addiction. It’s like us, we’re always upgrading, we’re always getting something new—everyone has the iPhone, but in a week everyone’s going to have the iPad. We’re always upgrading all the time.

How do you find empathy for a character who's an addict and has turned over so much of her body to science?

I never felt sorry for her. I try not to judge the characters I play, I try to just understand and get meaning and a belief in those characters. I always tried to make her as human as possible. All of us endure pain, sadness, loss. Life is not only happiness—but on the other hand you can find love and happiness and I think that’s the change that Beth goes through in her life. She’s kind of giving up on herself when Remy (Jude Law) finds her.

The "love" scene in the end when Remy is “reclaiming your parts” is really sick, but also sort of sexy. How did you feel filming it?

When Miguel told me that he wanted to shoot that scene as a love scene, I was like, “Really, what?” Once we decided to do it, I tried to find a balance between the love and the pain in the scene. I tried to bring balance and some truth. Both characters are so in love and they are fighting for their lives, they’re very connected at that moment of the film. I think pain and love go together. If you’re in love, you’re going to feel pain. The passion I think enhances the pain.

You’ve been playing some badass characters lately, is there another action character out there that you’d love to play?

I haven’t had a chance to think about it! I’m a small, short girl. I never thought about myself like running around and kicking ass. It’s funny because in my next movie Predator [the latest film in the alien movie franchise] I’m a sniper and I had the biggest weapon. My gun was like 14 pounds and everyone else was with a knife, with a pistol, and I was here with this big rifle, carrying it all over the place. I was like, “Why my character, seriously? Why my character!?!” But I totally loved the challenge of playing that type of character. It would be great if the chance came up to play another character of that type, it’s a nice challenge, physically and emotionally because it’s a different kind of woman who faces those kinds of things.

You know they have been looking to cast Wonder Woman? You’d be perfect!

Oh, that would be great. But the next Wonder Woman is probably not going to be Latin, at least not with my accent!

Linda Carter was Mexicana.

Oh yeah, she didn’t have an accent like me…but that would be so great! Wonder Woman Latina!

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