Crushing On...Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman, new star of Step Up Revolution, is ready to show what he's got on the big screen. But this 24-year-old Mexican hottie didn't start out with dreams of acting. Here's why we're totally crushing on him:

- This 6-foot-tall cutie worked as a Calvin Klein underwear model in 2009. (Seriously.)

- Guzman worked as a mixed martial arts fighter and competed in various competitions. He insists that he's a lover not a fighter.

- He grew up thinking he was going to be a baseball pro, before he hurt his arm. "Getting into the MLB was my dream – to become a left-handed pitcher for the Yankees. That’s what I was hoping, but life kind of went the other way. After hurting my arm and getting surgery, I [had to] venture out and do other things.”

- He fought to do his own stunts in his breakout role in Step Up Revolution: "I didn’t want a body double. The initial thing was that they were going to cast a guy and they were just going to double him for the dancing sequence. I’m a very competitive person, so I wanted to be in the movie." He impressed producers with his dedication and skill, and they nixed the body double.

- He's a charmer, telling Latina exclusively, "For the next girl I get in a relationship with, I'd give my all an make sure the relationship is healthy, happy and love-filled." Awww!

Step Up Revolution hits theaters July 27. Will you be seeing it?