7 Must-See Winter Movies Starring Latinos!

From Sofia Vergara to Michael Pena, ’tis the season to catch your favorite stars on the big screen. 

The 5 Best Fall TV Shows Starring Latinos!

1. Winter Movie 2011: Breaking Dawn

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Nov. 18)

Argentinean actress Mia Maestro (Frida, Poseidon), at left with Christian Camargo, joins the newest installment of the Twilight saga as Carmen, a peace-loving vampire of the Denali coven who protects the newborn baby of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) from a gang of menacing vampires. Bella’s BFF Angela (played by part-Mexican Christian Serratos) is still in the picture—or was it all a dream?

2. Winter Movie 2011: Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two (Nov. 18)

Sofia Vergara may not have her best, ahem, assets on display in this animated sequel, but she still brings plenty of heat to the Arctic. The Colombian bombshell, along with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Pink and Hank Azaria, join Happy Feet alumni Robin Williams and Elijah Wood on an adventure that sees penguin Mumble endeavor to win the respect of his son, Erik, who has become enamored of a flying penguin named The Mighty Sven.

3. Winter Movie 2011: Tower Heist

Tower Heist, Nov. 4

In his fifth film this year, Mexican American Michael Peña makes a welcome return to comedy in this tale, pegged as a racially diverse Ocean’s Eleven. Directed by Cuban American Brett Ratner, the movie centers around the staff of a New York City high-rise who come together to seek revenge on the wealthy resident who lost all their pension funds in a Ponzi scheme, and it has Peña holding his own alongside Hollywood heavyweights Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

4. Winter Movie 2011: Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill (Nov. 11)

If this were just another gimmicky Adam Sandler vehicle (he plays a double role as family man Jack and his eccentric twin sister, Jill), we’d probably save ourselves the price of admission. But Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez—who also plays a dual role as gardener Felipe and Felipe’s abuela—puts Jack and Jill on our must-see list. Derbez, who is widely known for his comic chops back home, has remained relatively unknown to  U.S. audiences. But luckily for him, he has fans in the right places: When Sandler was searching for a Latino comic to costar in the film, it was his domestic staff, not his agents, who turned him on to Derbez.


5. Winter Movie 2011: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Dec. 16)

Spanish and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace killed it (literally) as Lisbeth Salander in the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, and she’s back for more action in the sequel to 2009’s Sherlock Holmes. This time, she helps Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law defeat their fiercest enemy, Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris of Mad Men). Seems like Rapace can’t get enough of playing with the boys.


6. Winter Movie 2011: The Muppets

The Muppets (Nov. 23)

With Jason Segal of I Love You, Man at the helm, Jim Henson’s family-friendly creatures get a dose of street cred. The film centers on Segal as the world’s biggest Muppet fan and his quest to save the Muppet Theater from a Texas oilman (Chris Cooper). To do so he has to reunite the five original Muppets—Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo and Fozzie Bear—who have all gone their separate ways. If that’s not enough excitement, look out for cameos from Latino celebs like Danny Trejo, Rico Rodriguez and popular radio host Piolín.

7. Winter Movie 2011: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve (Dec. 9)

Sofia Vergara hits the big screen  for the second time this season, playing a chef who gives love advice to Katherine Heigl’s character in director Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve. He repeats the winning formula  from last year’s blockbuster comedy Valentine’s Day by recycling the same plot—love lives intertwine over the course of a few weeks— but substituting the holiday (New Year’s Eve for Valentine’s Day), the city (New York for Los Angeles)  and the stars (Vergara for Jessica Alba). If they strike gold a second time, maybe there’s hope for  Cinco de Mayo!


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