5 Reasons 'Casa de mi Padre' Might Actually Make Us Laugh

Casa de mi Padre, the latest movie from Will Ferrell, opens this weekend. Also starring Génesis Rodriguez, Gael García Bernal, and Diego Luna, the comedy is based on a gimmicky premise: a huge Mexican hit dubbed in English for the first time. Right.

Will Ferrell fans trust that it'll be great, but the rest of us need some winning over. The trailer might have gotten a chuckle or two out of us, but that's not enough to shell out $20 on a Friday night when we could be using that money to grab a bottle of inexpensive vino and a pint of ice cream on our way home. So we did some digging around and discovered five reasons Casa de mi Padre might actually make us laugh!

Will Ferrell's Spanish Skills Approved by Latino Co-Stars

1. Will Ferrell is in it. Unless you totally hate everything he touches, it's hard to deny that he's comedy gold. Even when he makes guest appearances, he's often the funniest in the spot. 

2. Efren Ramirez is also in it! Ok, so most people will forever know him as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, but the guy's practically the Latino Will Ferrell in that you just look at him and laugh. (You know... in a good way...)

3. The campfire scene features a hilarious song. You get a snippet of it in the trailer, "yo no sé porque es lenta la tortuga," but there's also a music video.

4. The totally unsexy sex scenes. Come on, what's funnier than completely awkward sex scenes? Not much!

5. Ok, this isn't actually in the movie, but we're still laughing at that clip of Will Ferrell on Jimmy Kimmel Live! If the movie is anywhere near as funny, we're sure it's worth it!

Are you watching Casa de mi Padre this weekend?