5 Must-See Movies at the Tribeca Film Festival

The NYC Tribeca Film Festival kicks off its 11th year tonight. The revered festival, co-founded by Robert De Niro, will run from through April 29. Latina favorite Rosario Dawson will serve as judge in the TAA Creative Promise Award—Narrative category along with Cuba Gooding, Jr., Mekhi Phifer and Gabourey Sidibe. Additionally, the festival will feature a slew of promising films and docs featuring Hollywood Latino heavy hitters (Salma Hayek) and rising talent (Oscar Isaac). Check out five of the can’t-miss flicks below.

As Luck Would Have it 

Mad Men out of work! This dark comedy, by Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia, follows the misadventures of an ad man (Jose Mota) who’s hopelessly looking for employment…until a freak accident occurs. The ever-beautiful Hayek portrays his adoring wife, Luisa.

Revenge for Jolly!

What would you do if someone murdered your dog? Well, in the case of Harry (Brian Petsos) you go out looking for vengeance on the dirty son of a b&%$h who ended your pup, Jolly’s life. Up-and-coming actor, Oscar Isaac (Drive) portrays Harry’s cousin and accomplice. 

The Girl

Abbie Cornish (Limitless) portrays Ashley, a young Texas woman panic-stricken over losing everything—custody of her son and her job. With no viable options in sight, Ashley becomes a coyote and in the process connects with a Mexican girl (newcomer Maritza Santiago-Hernandez). Drama, tears and more ensue.

Una Noche

In this beautifully filmed coming of age story set in Cuba, untrained actors portray teens enticed with the American Dream. One night they decide to make a jump for Miami. Will they make it?


Think Raising Victor Vargas with real issues. In this gritty drama set in the Bronx, New York, the main character Lena (newbie Yainis Ynoa) is often let to fend for herself while her mother jumps from bad boyfriends to worst ones.

More Latino-friendly films at the Tribeca Film Festival

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