2011 Summer Film Festival Roundup

Every summer, we at Latina hear about so many great indie film festivals and the amazing Latino-made films featured, so we decided to create a list to share so that you can get the inside track.  The Los Angeles Latino Film Festival just wrapped with the premiere of Cowboys vs. Aliens (starring one of our fave actresses, Ana de la Reguera) which opens nationwide today, but a ton of festivals featuring Latino films and Latino actors will be popping up all around the country from now until Fall.

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 Read on for your film fix:

Maya Indie Film Series (Runs from July 29 through Sept. in select cities)

The series, which features seven films in seven cities throughout the U.S., kicks off tonight in New York City with the premiere of Forged, a film about a man and his son who struggle to grow close after the murder of the son’s mother.

Besides NYC, the Maya Indie Film Series takes place in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Antonio, San Diego, Miami, and San Francisco.  Perhaps one of the most anticipated films is the indie comedy Without Men, which stars Eva Longoria and La Reina del Sur star Kate del Castillo.  Led by Argentine director Gabriela Tagliavini, Without Men follows a group of women from a Latin American town who recreate their world after the town’s male population are recruited by community guerrillas.

For the festival’s schedule, click here.

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New York International Film Festival (Runs from Aug. 15 – 21)

Since 1999, NYILFF has shown films featuring emerging Latino filmmakers in both the U.S. and Latin America.  Located in New York City, the festival hosts community events and music and art showcases. 

One of this year’s notable films is MAMITAS, which will screen on Aug. 19.  MAMITAS follows an inner-city teenager named Jordin (EJ Bonilla) whose all fun and games until he develops an unlikely bond with Felipa, an unpopular girl.

For more information about NYILFF, click here.

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Toronto International Film Festival (Runs from Sept. 8 – 18)

This film festival has been in existence for almost four decades, showing hundreds of films from more than 60 countries each fall.  This year, one of the films being screened is the 1980 film Gloria starring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Gene Rowlands as a mob princess who takes a young Puerto-Rican boy under her care after his family is killed by her father’s mob friends. 

For more information about TIFF, click here.

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Providence Latin American Film Festival (Runs from Sept. 15 -18)

Located in Rhode Island, PLAFF is in its 19th year.  The festival screens films from mostly Latin America, Portugal, and Spain.  Though there is no official word yet on which films will be shown during the fall festival, PLAFF did list some films that are being considered for screening. 

One of the films that will possibly be screened is Gigante, about a 30-something-year-old supermarket security guard named Jara who becomes obsessed with one of the cleaning ladies.  His life begins to revolve around hers, and Jara must decide whether to continue his obsessive nature or end it.

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Portland Latin American Film Festival (Runs from Oct. 14 – 20)

Located in Oregon, the Portland Latin American Film Festival screens a blend of drama, shorts, and animated films with roots from Argentina to Cuba.  In celebration of Mexico’s 200th independence anniversary, the film festival chose the country south of the U.S. border as the featured country this fall.

Just Walking (Solo Quiero Caminar) is among the films being screened during the fall festival.  Directed by Madrid-born Agustín Díaz Yanes, the film is about a small group of women who plan a dangerous fight against a band of Mexican drug traffickers.  The film stars Diego Luna.

For more information on this film festival, click here.

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