2011 Oscars: Recasting ‘Winter's Bone'

A young girl in a dirt-poor rural area of Missouri is forced to hunt down her missing, meth-addicted father in order to save her family’s home—that’s the premise of the Oscar-nominated film Winter’s Bone, based on Daniel Woodrell's 2006 novel of the same name. And this is how we’d recast the film with Latin stars if we were Hollywood execs:

1. Winter's Bone: Intro

2. Winter's Bone: Jennifer Lawrence/Sara Paxton


Played by Jennifer Lawrence, 20, in the film
Recasting: Sara Paxton, 22
Why She’s Right for the Part: Look no further than her haunting performance in the 2009 thriller The Last House on the Left for evidence that Sara Paxton can play a tough (albeit tortured) young girl against even tougher odds. Compared to the brutality of Last House, Jennifer Lawrence’s character Ree Dolly, who must find her deadbeat dad when he uses their family home as collateral for bail, is a walk in the park.


3. Winter's Bone: John Hawkes/Clifton Collins Jr.


Played by John Hawkes, 51, in the film
Recasting: Clifton Collins Jr., 40
Why He’s Right for the Part: As Ree Dolly searches for her father in all the wrong places—particularly at the homes of her father’s criminal relatives and confidantes—she’s constantly told that she’d be better off giving up; that he’s probably dead. And no one is more adamant about that than her dad’s drug-addicted brother, Teardrop Dolly, who is torn between helping Ree and attacking or even killing her (even he's not sure what he'll do). Clifton Collins Jr., who's nailed the role of someone with a troubled past in Capote, Babel, and Traffic, is a no-brainer.




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