2011 Oscars: Recasting 'The King's Speech'

We continue our series recasting this year’s Oscar nominated films with Tom Hooper's touching drama, The King's Speech.

1. 2011 Oscars: Recasting 'The King's Speech'



2. The King's Speech Recast: Colin Firth/Alfred Molina


Played by Colin Firth, 50, in the film 

Recasting: Alfred Molina, 57

Why He's Right for the Part: Part-Spanish actor, Alfred Molina is one of the finest character actors in Hollywood. He can just as easily play a real-life painter (like Diego Rivera in 2002's Frida) as he can take on the role of Dr. Otto Octavius (AKA Dr. Octopus) in the blockbuster movie, Spiderman 2. At 6'2 (1 inch taller than Colin Firth) Molina has a solid, robust build that makes him intimidating and fit for the role of a king. In last year's An Education, he also demonstrated that he can play a man who has a gentler, softer side, which would really come in handy for the role of the stammering and stuttering King George. Bonus Points: Like Firth, Molina was born in England and has a wonderful British accent.




3. The King's Speech Recast: Geoffrey Rush/Edward James Olmos


Played by Geoffrey Rush, 59, in the film 

Recasting: Edward James Olmos, 63

Why He's Right for the Part: In The King's Speech, Geoffrey Rush is the Robin Williams to Colin Firth's Will Hunting. Rush's character, the unorthodox speech therapist Lionel Logue, not only treats the King's stuttering problems, but also becomes his friend and confidante in the process. Edward James Olmos, an Oscar nominee for Stand & Deliver, is brilliant at playing characters who carefully tread the line between that of teacher and close personal friend. 


4. The King's Speech Recast: Helena Bonham Carter/Cameron Diaz


Played by Helena Bonham Carter, 44, in the film 

Recasting: Cameron Diaz, 38

Why She's Right for the Part: The bubbly and stunning blue-eyed Diaz might seem an odd choice to play the role of Queen Elizabeth, but when you look at her body of work, which includes deglamming for parts in indies like Being John Malkovich and playing a psychopath in Vanilla Sky, it's clear that one of Hollywood's most commercial actresses can take on serious roles in critically acclaimed films. Bonus Points: Diaz has a soft side that would enable her to skillfully convey her character's sadness as she watches her husband, King George suffer during public speeches. 


5. The King's Speech Recast: Guy Pearce/Benicio del Toro


Played by Guy Pearce43, in the film 

Recasting: Benicio Del Toro, 43

Why He's Right for the Part: When we started thinking about who we could cast in the role of a charming bad boy who reluctantly accepts a position of power (because he doesn't want to be tied down), only one name came to mind: the badass Benicio Del Toro! Whether he's playing Che Guevara, or a former convict in a film like 21 Grams, Benicio's got a carefree attitude an easy-going demeanor, and a smoothness about him, that make him a believable rebel and ladies man. 

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