2011 Oscars: Recasting 'The Kids Are All Right'

From The Social Network, to Black Swan to The Fighter — we've recast some of the year's best films with Latin stars. Up next in our series? Lisa Cholodenko's family drama, The Kids Are All Right

1. The Kids Are Alright Recast: Intro

2. The Kids Are Alright Recast: Annette Bening/Salma Hayek


Played by Annette Bening, 52, in the film 

Recasting: Salma Hayek, 44

Why She's Right for the Part: Like Annette Bening, Salma has a good set jaw and a determined quality about her that make her a great choice for the role of Nic, a smart, no-nonsense lesbian doctor who wears the pants in all of her relationships. Hayek and Bening have something else in common: they both use their fame to help get little projects off the ground. Some in Hollywood considered the subject matter for The Kids Are All Right a tough sell and worried that the film wouldn't make money, but once Bening joined the cast, the iconic actress (a three-time Oscar nominee) helped ease concerns and helped get the film the green-light. That's the same thing that Hayek did when she helped produce Frida (a role that earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in 2002). 




3. The Kids Are Alright Recast: Julianne Moore/Penelope Cruz


Played by Julianne Moore, 50, in the film 

Recasting: Penelope Cruz, 36

Why She's Right for the Part: The character Jules in The Kids Are All Right is played by iconic actress, Julianne Moore in the film — so we thought it would be fitting to recast the role with another iconic actress: Penelope Cruz. The Oscar-winning Cruz has proven that she can play women on the verge of a nervous breakdown in films like Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Blow, and Volver, which makes her a great choice for Jules, a woman whose an emotional mess and who always looks like she's about to pass out from all of the stress in her life. Sure, Pe would have to make out with her best friend Salma Hayek and that might be a little awkward, but both she and Salma are true thesps who take their craft very seriously, and we're willing to be they'd do it in the name of art! 



4. The Kids Are Alright Recast: Mark Ruffalo/Gael Garcia Bernal


Played by Mark Ruffalo, 43, in the film 

Recasting: Gael Garcia Bernal, 32

Why He's Right for the Part: There's no doubt about it: Paul is a jerk. He comes between Jules (Julianne Moore) and Nic (Annette Bening) and tries to steal Nic's family while pretending to be her friend. Yet we don't hate him for a single second and that's because Mark Ruffalo is such a likeable guy. He reminds us a lot of Gael Garcia Bernal, who has both Ruffalo's charm and that same million dollar smile that makes it impossible to hate him. Gael would be perfect for the role of the free-spirited Paul.  



5. The Kids Are Alright Recast: Mia Wasikowska/Selena Gomez


Played by Mia Wasikowska, 21, in the film 

Recasting: Selena Gomez, 18 

Why She's Right for the Part: Joni is extremely smart, clever, and wise beyond her years. She reminds us a great deal of our girl Selena Gomez.



6. The Kids Are Alright Recast: Josh Hutcherson/Jake T. Austin


Played by Josh Hutcherson, 18, in the film 

Recasting: Jake T. Austin, 16

Why He's Right for the Part: No one plays a clueless teenager like Jake T. Austin, who's best known for his role as the youngest magician, Max Russo on the Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place. Austin is perfect for the role of of Laser, a kid who has no idea who he is or what he wants from life. Bonus Points: He's already a pro at playing Selena Gomez's younger brother because he's done it everyday for four seasons on Wizards



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