2011 Oscars: Recasting ‘Inception’

We’ve come to the final film in our series. Check out our dream (pun intended) casting choices for Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

1. Inception: Intro

2. Inception: Leonardo DiCaprio/Nestor Carbonell


Played by Leonardo DiCaprio, 36, in the film

Recasting: Nestor Carbonell, 43

Why He’s Right for the Part: For the complex role of Dom Cobb, a thief who specializes in entering the human mind through dream invasion and stealing people’s secrets—we like Nestor Carbonell. As Richard Alpert on ABC’s Lost, Nestor proved that he could play a man whose heart (and loyalty) were torn in a million different directions—which makes him the ideal choice to replace DiCaprio as the redemption-seeking Dom Cobb.

3. Inception: Ellen Page/America Ferrera


Played by Ellen Page, 24, in the film

Recasting:  America Ferrera, 26

Why She’s Right for the Part: The Ugly Betty alum is highly skilled at playing brainy young women who have both discernable talents and a great deal of ambition—as she’s shown with her most recent turn on CBS’ hit series, The Good Wife. America would be perfect for the role of Ariadne, the clever and intelligent graduate architecture student, whom Cobb recruits to construct the various dreamscapes in the film.

4. Inception: Joseph Gordon Levitt/Freddie Prinze Jr.


Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 30, in the film 

Recasting: Freddie Prinze Jr., 34

Why He’s Right for the Part: In Inception, Arthur helps Dom Cobb perform illegal corporate espionage by entering the subconscious minds of their targets, and even though he’s not the leader of the mission, it is he who takes “point” during jobs and does the initial research on all of the subjects. For the role of the brainy and efficient Arthur, we like Freddie, who, like Levitt, is equal parts hot and geek.

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