2011 Oscars: Recasting ‘127 Hours’

If you thought our recast of The King’s Speech was on point, check out the next film in our series: Danny Boyle’s Oscar-nominated 127 Hours, a visceral survival story which, in Castaway fashion, stars James Franco, mostly by himself.

Played by James Franco, 32, in the film
Recasting: Edgar Ramirez, 33
Why He’s Right for the Part: After portraying the terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (AKA Carlos the Jackal) in the lengthy biopic, Carlos (for which he earned a Golden Globe and a SAG nomination for Best Actor!)Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez more than proved his fearlessness. There’s nothing he can’t tackle, including the physical and emotional demands of playing real-life mountain climber Aron Ralston, who got trapped by a boulder in an isolated Utah canyon for more than five days in 2003, after which he scaled a 65-foot wall and hiked over eight miles before he was finally rescued. It’s worth mentioning that he also had to have his arm amputated with a dull knife. Bonus Points: Like Franco, Ramirez is a Hollywood heartthrob who’s more than just a pretty face—he’s widely considered one of the great up-and-coming actors of our generation.