10 LGBTQIA+ Films on Netflix You Need to Watch

Tired of watching yet another hetero white guy lose his blonde-haired gal and fight to get her back on your evening movie dates? We hear ya – that’s why we compiled this list of LGBT+ flicks you can stream straight from your Netflix account.

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Ahead, find some películas featuring (mostly) characters of color celebrating or struggling with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in ways mainstream films never seem to capture. Don't forget the popcorn!

1. Mosquita y Mari

Mosquita y Mari is a coming-of-age tale of two Chicana friends in Huntington Park, Los Angeles who are dealing with the woes of growing up in immigrant homes – undocumented relatives, economic instability, family obligations – and a sudden, unexpected attraction to one another.

2. Paris is Burning

Paris is Burning is a documentary about ball culture, an LGBTQ+ subculture comprised of events, drag shows and balls where contestants compete for prizes. Filmed in the 1980s – the end of the "Golden Age" of New York City drag balls – the film captures ball culture in African-American and Latino communities.

3. Out Late

Out Late follows five people from Canada and the U.S. who have decided to come out as lesbian, gay or transgender. Though each tale is different, all the individuals have one thing in common: They’re over the age of 55. While this film, unfortunately, doesn’t include any people of color, it does share a coming-out experience that gets little attention.

4. The Fish Child

The Fish Child (El Niño Pez) is an Argentine film about a suburban teen, Lala, who falls in love with her 20-year-old Paraguayan maid, Guayi. But their romance leads to a crime heist that goes terribly wrong.

5. Pariah

This drama follows the life of 17-year-old Alike, an African-American teen struggling to embrace her identity as a lesbian in her religious home. Pariah premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and received instant popularity, later even winning the Excellence in Cinematography Award.

6. (A)sexual

(A)Sexual is a documentary that investigates what it's like to be asexual – someone who has no sexual desires or feelings – in our sex-obsessed culture. While the film aims to break stereotypes – while allowing the cast to claim their own identity – it still, however, perpetuates some misconceptions when it comes to asexuality and race/ethnicity.

7. The Way He Looks

The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) is a Brazilian film about a blind high school student, Leonardo, who seeks independence from his overprotective mother and his best friend, Giovana. When a new handsome student, Gabriel, enrolls in his school, the two start spending lots of time together and must deal with their mutual attraction.

8. Gun Hill Road

Gun Hill Road is a powerful film about a Latino family in the Bronx. In the movie, ex-con Enrique returns from prison to find that his child Michael is a trans woman named Veronica. In the film, which was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, Vanessa is played by a real trans Latina, Harmony Santana. Other notable actors include Esai Morales and Judy Reyes.

9. Young and Wild

Young and Wild (Joven y Alocada) is a Chilean film about a 17-year-old bisexual girl named Daniela. The teen, eagerly exploring her sexuality and her sexual orientation, documents sexual firsts from masturbation to anal sex in a blog, which also serves as a place for her to deal with the conflict of her sexual desires and the conservative, Evangelical beliefs of her family.

10. Outrage

Outrage is a documentary that exposes politicians' hypocrisy toward LGBT issues. In the film, which was nominated for an Emmy Award, viewers are introduced to closeted gay or bisexual politicos who promote anti-LGBT legislation.