WATCH: Benicio Del Toro And Josh Brolin Fight The Drug Cartel in 'Sicario 2: Soldado'


Well, the boys are back in town. Academy Award Winner Benicio Del Toro and Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin combat the war on drugs and this time things are a bit more complicated in Sicario 2: Soldado.

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Missing from the action in this mission is Emily Blunt’s FBI agent Kate Macer, which means Alejandro a.k.a man on fire (Del Toro) and Matt Graver (Brolin) are left to their own devices in the off-the-books cartel-hunting task force. Obvi, the bad guys are still up to no good, and Graver’s bosses ask him to intervene in the madness as the cartels move on to trafficking terrorists across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Like in 2015’s Sicario, Alejandro is along for the ride. Del Toro told Entertainment Weekly that although his character has been motivated by revenge in the past, this new assignment has him in a "situation where he either has to follow orders or make a decision.” Hint: This is related to Isabelle (Isabella Moner’s)—the daughter of a drug lord. And according to Del Toro, that just one of the many forks in the road and this time there's no rulebook. 

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Sicario 2 hits theaters June 2018.

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