The 50 Most Beautiful Latinas Over 50

Audrey Hepburn once said “and the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” Well, that’s definitely the case with the likes of Gloria Estefan, Rita Moreno, Sheila E. and the rest of the ladies who make up our list of the 50 most beautiful Latinas over 50. Take a peek:

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Gloria Estefan, 55

Its no surprise that Gloria Estefan released an album called Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me. The Cuba-born singer-songwriter is a real stunner that causes men to scream “Wepa” when she takes the stage.

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Madeleine Stowe, 54

Madeleine Stowe was chosen as one of the “100 Sexiest Stars in Film History” by Britain’s Empire magazine back in 1995. Nearly 20 years later, the award-winning actress hasn’t lost her sizzle, steaming up the small screen as the scheming socialite Victoria Grayson on ABC’s Revenge.

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Giselle Fernández, 52

Back in 2006, Giselle Fernández set heart aflutter when she competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. The television journalist and former Access Hollywood host may not have scored perfect 10s with the judges every time she took the floor, but she did prove to be a perfect 10 in the looks department!

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Rita Moreno, 81

Back in 1954, Rita Moreno graced the cover of LIFE magazine.  The caption to the story read:  “Rita Moreno: An Actresses' Catalog of Sex and Innocence.” Well, the Puerto Rican actress, singer and dancer still has an abundance of sex appeal at the age of 81. And she isn’t shy about disclosing her love connections in a new memoir released earlier this year, including details on a steamy affair with Marlon Brando.

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Charytín, 64

Charytín isn’t just fit as a fiddle; the Dominican-born television personality, actress and singer is also a stunning beauty. At the age of 64, the Charytín still turns heads on and off the red carpet!

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Cristina Saralegui, 65

She may be known as “the Spanish Oprah,” but Cristina Saralegui definitely has more game than Ms. Winfrey when it comes to being sexy. Even in her power suits, the Cuban American journalist manages to infuse a little sexiness to her overall look. And that’s more than enough to get everyone talking!

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Raquel Welch, 72

Since setting tongues wagging in an instantly iconic animal skin bikini for the 1966 film One Billion Years, Raquel Welch has been an international sex symbol. And, the Bolivian actress, now 72, still looks like one billion bucks, even when she’s portraying a grandmother (like she did on CSI: Miami last year).

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Chita Rivera, 80

No puede ser! Broadway legend Chita Rivera can’t be 80. The Puerto Rican singer, dancer and actress is still wowing audiences with her awe-inspiring moves, stunning looks and and sensational sizzle in productions like 2012’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

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Lynda Carter, 61

No matter who takes on the role of Wonder Woman next, she’ll most likely have a hard time filling Lynda Carter’s red boots. The former Miss World USA titleholder, singer and Wonder Woman star, who will be turning 62 in late July, is still hot, hot, hot!

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María Elena Salinas, 58

She may report on serious issues like immigration, the drug war and crime, but it’s hard to concentrate on the topics María Elena Salinas talks about when she’s on air. The Mexican American journalist and Noticiero Univision co-anchor is a real looker!

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Carolina Herrera, 74

The world is obsessed with Carolina Herrera’s sophisticated style, which screams elegant, luxurious and refined. But the Venezuela-born fashion designer, who turned 74 this year, also turns heads with her model-like looks when she takes the runway at the end of her shows.

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Elizabeth Vargas, 50

Here’s a headline: Elizabeth Vargas is caliente! The Puerto Rican journalist and anchor of ABC’s newsmagazine 20/20, who turned 50 last September has some serious double-take looks.

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Sonia Sotomayor, 59

Yes, she’s a Supreme Court justice. But that doesn't mean the Wise Latina and Puerto Rican justice isn't gorgeous! 

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Linda Ronstadt, 66

Linda Ronstadt was known as the “First Lady of Rock” in the 1970s, but the Mexican American singer also had rockin’ good looks that brought the men to her concerts in droves. And, at 66, Ronstadt proves that she’s still got some serious game.

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Isabel Allende, 70

She may be one of the world's most widely read Spanish-language authors, with hit novels like La casa de los espíritus and La ciudad de las bestias. But Isabel Allende, still a looker at 70, could easily star in any of the film adaptation of her novels with her movie star looks.

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Isabel Toledo, 52

Holy Toledo! Isabel Toledo is gorgeous. The 52-year-old Cuba-born fashion designer turns heads with her incredible fashions and her stunning looks.

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Maria Conchita Alonso, 55

From the start, when she claimed the Miss Teenager of the World title in 1971, María Conchita Alonso captured the world’s attention with her jaw-dropping looks. Since then, the Cuban American singer/actress has caused heart palpitations in men with her sizzling performances in projects like The Running Man, Kiss of a Spider Woman and Desperate Housewives.

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Elizabeth Peña, 51

It’s no wonder Peter Farrell (Daniel Hugh Kelly) fell in love with his maid Dora Calderon (Elizabeth Peña) in ABC”s I Married Dora in 1987. The Cuban American actress is one good-looking specimen, who hasn’t lost her beauty at the age of 51.

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Daphne Zuniga, 50

She may have gained international acclaim for starring on Fox’s original soap opera Melrose Place. But with her gorgeous looks, Daphne Zuniga could’ve easily starred in 9021-OH!

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Joanna Kerns, 60

Despite turning 60 this year, Joanna Kerns doesn’t seem to be experiencing any Growing Pains. The actress hasn’t aged a day since her memorable stint as Maggie Seaver on the ABC series, which ended back in April 1992.

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Sheila E, 55

Sheila E. may be a talented percussionist, but the 55-year-old is known for more than beating on the drums. The Mexican American artist, who released the hit single “The Glamorous Life” back in 1984, is a bangin’ babe.

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Adriana Barraza, 57

Adriana Barraza gained critical acclaim (and an Oscar nod) for starring as a desperate Mexican nanny in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s ensemble drama Babel, but there’s nothing hopeless about the Mexican telenovela star’s looks.

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Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, 60

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner may be the president of Argentina. But politics aside, she has eye-catching looks and haute style. 

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Maritza Sayalero, 52

It’s no secret that Venezuela one of the countries with the most beauty queens. But Maritza Sayalero has the distinction on being the South American nation’s first Miss Universe, winning the title back in 1979. And she could easily take the crown again in 2014 with her still-exquisite looks.

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Verónica Castro, 60

Verónica Castro got her big break starring in the telenovela No creo en los hombres. But the men did believe in the Mexican entertainer, especially with her exquisite good looks.

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Marilyn Milian, 51

Marilyn Milian, the first female judge to preside over The People’s Court, must see repeat male offenders step into her courtroom. That’s because the former Florida state circuit court judge is hot, hot, hot.

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Tish Hinojosa, 57

Mexican American folk singer Tish Hinojosa is aging quite gracefully. The award-winning singer-songwriter will be turning 58 this December, but with that smile and flawless skin, she looks much younger. And that’s something to sing about!

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Charo, 62

Since her first appearance on U.S. television on The Today Show in the mid-1960s, Charo has captured America’s hearts with her “cuchi-cuchi” sex appeal. Even today, at the age of 62, Charo still manages to exude Latina heat during her performances, all while showing off her incredible guitar skills.

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Ana Gabriel, 57

Its no wonder Ana Gabriel received the “Premio a la Excelencia” at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards show in 2006. The Mexican singer has notched hit singles in three rock en español, Latin Pop and rancheras during her illustrious career. But what stands out most about Gabriel is that she’s still the same looked she was at 21, when she released her first single "Compréndeme" in 1977.

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Xuxa, 50

Xuxa may be an icon among children in her native Brazil and Latin America, but their fathers also idolize her. That’s because the singer, actress and TV host is one seriously hot lady. And Xuxa, who turned 50 this past March, is still ever so radiant!

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Marisol Malaret, 63

Marisol Malaret is the pride of Puerto Rico. After all, she was the first woman from la isla del encanto to be crowned Miss Universe. And more than 40 years later, Malaret is still enchanting the opposite sex with her stunning looks.  

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Alma Delfina, 52

It’s no wonder Alma Delfina is starring opposite some of Latin America’s hottest hunks, like Aarón Díaz and Rafael Novoa in Univision’s El Talismán; the Mexican actress has still got it going on at the age of 52.

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Angélica María, 68

Angélica María has been called La Novia de México for good reason: the Grammy-winning singer and actress, who was born in the States, has been making hearts skip a beat since the 1950s. And even though she’s inching toward 70, Mexico’s girlfriend still has plenty of game.

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Victoria Ruffo, 51

Victoria Ruffo, known as the “Queen of Telenovelas in Latin America”, is still headlining telenovelas at the age of 51 for one reason: the Mexican actress is a knockout! Ruffo, whose career spans 35 years, still turns heads today on projects like the 2012 telenovela Corona de Lágrimas.

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Irene Sáez, 51

Irene Sáez was only 19 when she won the Miss Universe title back in 1981, winning the hearts of men around the world with her sheer beauty. And the Venezuelan beauty-queen-turned-politician is still as sexy as ever.

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Ada Maris, 56

While starring in the 1986-87 television show What a Country!, Ada Maris has men of all ages thinking “What a beauty!” And the Mexican American actress, who starred on One Life to Live back in 2009, still turns heads at 56.

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Ana Alicia, 56

Before General Hospital’s Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Benard became television’s hot Latino couple, Ana Alicia and Lorenzo Lamas proved to be the soap opera world’s most caliente couple throughout the 1980s. And the Mexico-born actress hasn’t lost an ounce of the “it” factor that made her a star.

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Cecilia Roth, 56

She’s one of Argentina’s most beloved treasures. But actress Cecilia Roth is also one of its most natural (beauty) resources. And the star of Pedro Alomodovar’s award-winning film Todo sobre mi madre is flying high (and looking as beautiful as ever) in the Spanish director’s new film I’m So Excited.

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Mercedes Morán, 57

There’s nothing desperate about Mercedes Morán. The 57-year-old former star of Amas de casa desesperadas, Argentina’s remake of Desperate Housewives, is quite the stunner.

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Mercedes Ruehl, 65

Vincent’s mom’s got it going on! Oscar-winner Mercedes Ruehl, who played Vincent Chase's mom on HBO’s Entourage, proves that age is nothing but a number as she maintains her sex appeal at the age of 65.

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Daniela Romo, 53

Kate del Castillo may be considered the current queen of telenovelas, but Daniela Romo is the queen mother. The Mexican actress and singer – who has starred in more than a dozen melodramas, including 2013’s La tempestad with William Levy – is still steaming up the screen with her striking beauty.

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Elpidia Carrillo, 51

You may remember Elpidia Carrillo as the sexy survivor in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 sci-fi film Predator. Well, the Mexican actress is still turning heads at 51.

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Sônia Braga, 63

Say it isn’t so! Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actress Sônia Braga can’t be 63 years old! The Brazilian actress could totally pass for the older sister of her just-as-beautiful niece, Alice Braga, with her sultry looks and killer smile.

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Irene Cara, 54

Sure, she crooned about wanting to live forever in her classic hit “Fame!” But Afro-Puerto Rican singer and actress Irene Cara, who won an Oscar for co-penning another classic movie tune “Flashdance… What a Feeling,” is living forever quite gracefully.  At 54, she’s still quite easy on the eyes.

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Yolandita Monge, 57

She may be one of Puerto Rico’s divas… But singer and actress Yolandita Monge is also one of the island’s sex symbols. The "Cierra Los Ojos" singer, who has released more than 30 albums during her career, still sizzles on stage at 57.

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Angélica Aragón, 59

It’s hard to draw attention from actress Aitana Sánchez-Gijón. But that’s exactly what Angélica Aragón did in 1995’s Keanu Reeves-starrer A Walk in the Clouds. And the Mexican actress and telenovela hasn’t lost any of her luster, still looking as stunning as ever as she prepares to turn 60 this month!

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Catherine Bach, 59

Well, look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes on! Catherine Bach caused quite a commotion as the short-short-wearing Daisy Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard, which ran on CBS from 1979-1985. And Bach, who joined the cast of The Young and the Restless last year, still looks hot today!

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Vicki Carr, 71

Selena wasn’t the first Texican singer to crossover into the mainstream… Vicki Carr, who was born in El Paso, caught American’s attention back in the early 1960s with her hit single “He’s a Rebel,” as well as her good looks. Now 71, Carr, born Florencia Bisenta de Casillas Martinez Cardona, still gets double takes for her gorgeousness.

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Apollonia, 53

It comes as no surprise that Prince picked Apollonia to star  opposite him in his 1984 film Purple Rain. The Mexican American actress and singer, a former Los Angeles Rams cheerleader, has stunning looks for days. And Apollonia still has plenty of sizzle at 53.

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Loretta Sanchez, 53

She may be a seasoned politician, currently representing California's 47th congressional district in the U.S. Congress. But Loretta Sanchez is also one drop dead gorgeous woman with the power to melt men’s hearts.