'Grown Ups 2' (Sandler/Hayek) & 7 Other Mismatched On-Screen Couples

The hilarious comedy Grown Ups 2 hit theaters this weekend, and the relationship between Salma Hayek and Adam Sandler got us thinking about mismatched on-screen couples. Here are seven on-screen couples (besides Hayek and Sandler) who just seem completely incompatible:

1. coupes slide 01_Salma Hayek and Adam Sandler

Salma Hayek and Adam Sandler

In Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, Hayek plays Sandler's wife Roxanne Chase-Feder. But while these two are married on-screen, we could never visualize this happening in real life.

2. couples slide 02_Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes

Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes

Lopez and Fiennes starred together in the movie Maid in Manhattan. While we understand the concept behind their relationship, these two just didn't mesh well together at all. Where was the spark? The energy? It was boring to watch them together and they just didn't seem like two people who would fall in love with one another. Ever.

3. couples slide 03_Penelope Cruz and Lluis Homar

Penelope Cruz and Lluis Homar

The Spanish beauty and Homar were an on-screen couple in the 2009 movie Broken Embraces. We weren't too happy with this pairing because Homar just looked too old for Cruz.

4. couples slide 04_Jessica Alba and Mike Myers

Jessica Alba and Mike Myers

Could you see Alba dating Myers? We can't! The two were paired together in The Love Guru and that should just never happen again.

5. couples slide 05_Benjamin Bratt and Halle Berry

Benjamin Bratt and Halle Berry

These two were together in the movie Catwoman, and although they tried to make it look like they really liked each other, we just weren't convinced. And neither were a lot of other movie goers.

6. couples slide 06_Eva Mendes and Will Smith

Eva Mendes and Will Smith

The Cuban American and Smith both did a great job in Hitch, but as a couple, not so much. They seemed to lack the chemistry needed to really make themselves look and feel like a real couple.

7. couples slide 07_Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill

Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill

Vergara is such a beauty, and well, O'Neill to us will always be terrible husband Al Bundy. Oh, Modern Family! Just give Gloria another husband.

8. couples slide 08_Claudia Bassols and Rob Schneider

Claudia Bassols and Rob Schneider

The Spanish actress and funny man Schneider starred in the now cancelled CBS sitcom Rob. We're guessing their on-screen marriage was a big factor in the show's demise.