Mike Catherwood: "I Don't Think There's Anybody Trying to Keep the Brown Man Down"

Dancing with the Stars castoff Mike Catherwood is rumored to be on the shortlist to replace Regis Philbin as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on Live With Regis & Kelly, so we asked Catherwood if he's been offered the gig. "As far as I know there's no truth to the rumors, even though they have been thrown around a lot," said the 32-year-old host of LoveLine. "I would certainly love to do it. But I haven’t had any formal offers.”

If Catherwood does replace Regis on the show, he will become the only Latino host on all of daytime television—and the funny Mexicano says he's ready to add some Latin flavor to morning TV. “I think it needs to happen, right?" said Catherwood. "I'm hoping for full support from Latina Magazine so that I can get [the job]!"

We asked Catherwood why he thinks Latinos are so under represented on daytime television and the radio personality said it's probably just a matter of circumstance. "I don’t think there's anybody out there trying to keep the brown man down," he said. "With the little exposure I've been getting, it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of racism—sexism, on the other hand, is pretty rampant," he noted.  

Asked what he'll bring to Regis & Kelly if he does get offered the gig, Catherwood said it comes down to relatability. "I'm not a special guy and I never have been," he said. "I’ve just kind of bounced around in the world and I’ve never really had any extreme talent that had brought me to the top. I’m like a lot of dudes out there, I was convinced at age 20 that I never would amount to anything, but I kept plugging away and have been fortunate enough to end up here. So if anything I can bring that sense of that everyman perspective that a lot of the time isn’t exposed on major media sources."