Despite Rumors of Split, Melanie Griffith Still Wearing Antonio Banderas' Ring

Marriage isn't an easy thing to work through, and Hollywood is surely proof of this with so many celebrities getting divorced on what seems to be a daily basis. But while some are willing to just call it quits, others don't seem to be so quick to give up.

Melanie Griffith might be the perfect example of a woman not wanting to see her relationship completely over. Despite rumors of a possible divorce, the actress, who's been married to Antonio Banderas since 1996, was recently spotted wearing her wedding ring.

According to Perez Hilton, Melanie was over in Hawaii with her daughter when papparazzi snapped a pic of the actress with the ring still on her finger. This could definitely be a display of hope in saving the marriage.

What do you think about Melanie Griffith still wearing her wedding band? Do you think there's still hope for this infamous couple? Are you hoping they stay together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!