Latino Stars Who Rule the Twitterverse

Juanes made Twitter history this month, the New York Times named Brazilian comedian Rafihna Bastos the most influential person on Twitter—clearly, we rule this popular social networking site.

Here's a round-up of our fave celebs to follow on Twitter and why:

1. Juanes

Juanes: @juanes

Twitter Followers: 2,108,070

Why You Should Follow: Juanes thinks the world can be a better place and that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can help, which is why he is so dedicated to keeping his fans and followers updated so religiously. The international star tweets about everything from his new music, to world politics, to his family, famously sharing images of his first son with wife Karen Martinez via Twitter.

Typical Tweet: ”No queremos más jóvenes asesinados, no queremos más sangre, no queremos más voces silenciadas. Fecha: martes 29 de marzo.Medellin - Colombia.”

2. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez: @MarioLopezExtra

Twitter Followers: 191,409

Why You Should Follow: Lopez has all the inside scoop on Hollywood celebs and shares tidbits not only about his own personal life via Twitter, but also convos he has behind-the-scenes with the stars who stream through the Extra TV lot. We’ll never forget that Mario was the one who told us that Wasilla, Alaska native Levi Johnston (of Bristol Palin impregnating fame) was half-Mexican!

Typical Tweet: “Hello A.C.! At the Borgata about to see Janet J live. Dining at Bobby Flay's and Bobby is here and gonna cook for us! Bobby and I...”

3. La La Vazquez

La La Vazquez: @lala

Twitter Followers: 638,645

Why You Should Follow: Ever wonder what it’s like to be the wife of a big time NBA baller? Well, judging from La La’s twitter account, it’s awesome! Vazquez shares little slices of her life on Twitter, posting everything from behind-the-scenes photos of her star-studded celebrity wedding to Carmelo Anthony to intimate pictures of her baby boy Kiyan and besties like Kim Kardashian and Ciara.

Typical Tweet: “Love u back! So fun!! RT @KimKardashian: Going to bed! Fun dinner with @lala @carmeloanthony March Madness woowhoo! LOL Love u guys! Xo”

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey: @MariahCarey

Followers: 4,063,790

Why You Should Follow: Because the woman tweets while having contractions for crying out loud! This weekend, after being rushed to the hospital on her b-day following a false labor scare, the pop princess made sure to let all her little lambs know that everything was OK.

Typical Tweet:  “They almost came on 3/27- happy anniversary in deed!!! We have a few more weeks 2 go but- wow!!!: ) #soreadyallready!”

5. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: @JLo

Twitter Followers: 1,419,933

Why You Should Follow: J.Lo always calls her Twitter followers “lovers,” which we, well, love! The original Latina pop diva was MIA on most social media platforms until her American Idol gig once again launched her career into the stratosphere and La Lopez seemed to understand very quickly how important it is to keep in touch with her fans. She actually takes the time to respond to individual tweets and even reposts artwork and photos her fans send her way!

Typical Tweet: “Sending a big kiss to all my #LOVE?RS!!! WOW!! Right now #1 in the UK!! Amazing day! Thank you soooo much!! I #LOVE? you all!!”

6. Shakira

Shakira: @shakira

Twitter Followers: 5,048,308

Why You Should Follow: Shakira is a citizen of the world and it shows! The Colombian pop star spends as much time on her philanthropic and political endeavors as she does on her music and her Twitter is a trilingual celebration of her can-do attitude. She also uses social media to share personal news, as she did when she announced her break-up from Antonio de la Rua. Soon after, her new bf Gerard Pique was posting photos of their joint birthday celebration on Facebook!

Typical Tweet: “Thanks to President Rousseff for today's meeting! We won't give up on Early Childhood Development in Latin America @movimientoalas – Shak”

7. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton: @PerezHilton

Twitter Followers: 3,135,037

Why You Should Follow: Perez may have started “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website” but the gossip king shows nothing but love to his celeb friends on Twitter. From Lady Gaga to Selena Gomez, Hilton is always dishing with the biggest stars. His recent Blue Ball birthday party was an example of how much Hollywood actually loves the Cuban blogger, everyone and their mother was in attendance.

Typical Tweet: “@ladygaga I love you so much! Thank you for being a REAL friend! I will cherish your present forever! Let's hope I don't die using it! Ha xo”

8. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez: @selenagomez

Twitter Followers: 4,576,033

Why You Should Follow: Sure, her beau Justin Bieber’s rabid Beliebers may be threatening her life, but Gomez isn’t going to let a little thing like a death threat keep her away from her Twitter! Selena consistently uses her tweets to share love with her fans, and debut new music and projects. But we love her pics most of all, like the one she retweeted today of her recent reunion with former bestie (and fellow Twitter lover) Demi Lovato!

Typical Tweet: “Who says your not beautiful, party like it's not your birthday @AllstarWeekend + my scene = epic summer tour!! Soooo excited :)”

9. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba: @jessicaalba

Twitter Followers: 1,185,792

Why You Should Follow: Jessica Alba’s Twitter account is refreshingly mundane for an A-list Hollywood starlet. She uses the service to share cute photos of with friends and family and occasionally pick a funny fight with hubby Cash Warren (also a rabid Tweeter) over American Idol. But she also dropped a big bomb earlier this year via the social networking tool, telling fans and followers that she was pregnant with baby number 2 before any tabloid was able to break the news.

Typical Tweet: “Sorry @cash_warren no matter how much you practice you will never sound like Jacob Lusk.”

10. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin: @ricky_martin

Twitter Followers: 2,624,994

Why You Should Follow: Ricky Martin is about as beautiful inside as he is on the outside. He consistently uses his Twitter account to uplift his followers, share important news about children’s rights and give his fans input into stuff like his set list for his upcoming Musica+Sexo+Alma tour (MAS) which just kicked off in Martin’s home town of San Juan, PR.

Typical Tweet: “I am many things and I am nothing! I am love, truth, light. I am music, I am YOU!”

11. Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee: @dynation

Twitter Followers: 1,027,456

Why You Should Follow: Daddy Yankee has a lot of really serious fans following him on Twitter and if you’re into Spanish-language Urban music you should be following him too! DY and his nation are always tweeting about the coolest new stuff any guy would love, like the NBA Dunk contest, New York City and…Elizabeth Taylor?! Hey, Yankee has diverse interests.

Typical Tweet: “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE- DY "PRESTIGE" ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ to NYC.”


12. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias: @enrique305

Twitter Followers: 821,209

Why You Should Follow: Enrique’s popularity is only growing on the immense popularity of his latest album Euphoria. Iglesias has been tweeting pics from the tour consistently, showing us night after night of sold-out crowds. He’s also not afraid to show a little man love (he only follows two people: Pitbull and Cristiano Ronaldo) on Twitter and gives props to his musical collaborators, as unlikely as they may seem at times!

Typical Tweet: “Hey guys follow @RedOne_Official! He's truly a musical genius, so you should check out all the great artist he's working with. He's like a brother to me and I'm so proud of all his accomplishments.”

13. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato: @ddlovato

Twitter Followers: 2,799,855

Why You Should Follow: After taking a hiatus from Twitter while she was seeking treatment for emotional and physical issues, Demi signed off of Twitter. It was a bummer, because Lovato was an avid Tweeter who used the service to keep her fans updated on her latest work and to share inspirational words of wisdom and love (and also some silly jokes). But now she is back, and already giving us loads of adorable love!

Typical Tweet: “ "See further, live longer.." words by my INCREDIBLE and AMAZING aunt Kathy @faithbootcamp.. Such a strong woman whom I look up to everyday.”

14. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria: @EvaLongoria

Twitter Followers: 1,490,749

Why You Should Follow: Eva Longoria is not only super glamorous, but she’s also fascinating. There’s a reason why her Twitter bio reads: Actress, activist, philanthropist. Longoria is always gallivanting around the world for fashion shows and film premieres. Oh, and in between, she drops bombs about her divorce from hubby Tony Parker. But it’s the causes that she chooses to highlight that catch our eye! This weekend she was tweeting about a documentary film she produced called La Cosecha that highlights the plight of child farm workers.

Typical Tweet: “Just arrived in Guadalajara for the Film Festival! My documentary, Harvest premiers tomorrow here at the festival!”

15. Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio: @paurubio

Twitter Followers: 1,527,782

Why You Should Follow: Rubio has chosen Twitter as her preferred mode of breaking news, and we mean, like huge news! Paulina told her fans she was pregnant in 140 characters or less and then went on to hold a special Ustream videoconference with her fans while she was expecting. Chica loves her some social media and isn’t afraid to use it. We can’t wait until we get some up-close-and-personal shots of her baby boy Andrea.

Typical Tweet: “@colatenicolasvn Coli, hoy festejamos contigo nuestro primer dia del padre. We love you daddy <3 <3!!”