Salud! Latino Entertainers Who Own Drink Brands

Celebrity alcohol is the next big thing since star fragrance lines. Take a look at the list of Latinos who are saying "cheers" to their own brand. Which do you want to try?

1. Celebrity Alcohol Lines: Emilio Estefan

Emilio Estefan -- Botran Rum

The Award-winning producer and Botran Rum announced on February 5 that they would be joining forces, making Estefan the new face of the Botran Rum brand. "As a premiere Latin artist, tastemaker and global icon, Emilio embodies what our brand stands for - a commitment to heritage, tradition and a passion for fine taste," said Roberto Garcia Botran, president and CEO for Botran® Rum in a statement. "This relationship will allow us to blend together two brands with the same passion for production."

2. Celebrity Alcohol Lines: Christina Milian

Christina Milian -- Viva Diva

The 32-year-old starlet launched a line of moscato wines with Viva Diva in the summer of 2013. "I have always wanted to get into the wine business," Milian said during an interview. "I wanted to wait for a brand that was a perfect fit and when I discovered Viva Diva Wines at the GBK gifting suites last year, I knew they were a perfect fit for who I am and what I am all about. Viva Diva to me is about time with your girlfriends and bonding over a nice glass of wine. What better than a naturally infused bubbly to go along a day or night with your girlfriends?"

3. Jenni Rivera Tequila

Jenni Rivera – La Gran Señora

Before she passed away tragically in a plane crash late last year, Jenni Rivera had planned a tequila line. According to People en Español, the limited edition tequila line titled “La Gran Señora” is set to hit shelves in the United States and Mexico in less than a month. According to the late banda singer’s sister Rosie, Rivera had been involved in everything from the taste, to the design of the bottle, which shows the image of Rivera with her head titled down. 

4. Celebrity Alcohol: Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee – El Cartel Tequila

“El Cartel Tequila is what’s going to be all over the U.S.,” Daddy Yankee told in an exclusive interview back in May. The “Pasarela” reggaetonero wasn’t joking. Since it’s launch, El Cartel has been featured in the 2012 London Olympics and the BET Awards. The premium tequila is made with aged blue agave hearts that are slow cooked in brick ovens.

“I’m owner and I just am really proud of the drink. When I decided to become part of it, it’s because it’s a great drink, it’s a great product,” confessed Daddy Yankee. “I took it to the bars in Puerto Rico, and a couple of places in the states, and everybody says it’s a great drink. The response has been really positive,” he added.

5. Celebrity Alcohol: Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias – Rum Atlantico

Enrique Iglesias is all about enjoying a rum and coke – his style. The “I Like It” singer launched the product made with Dominican sugarcane back in April. “I’m really passionate about my rum,” said the Spanish pop star exclusively to He continued, “I feel like it’s the first time that it’s something of mine that I feel that I’ve been there since the beginning. I’m truly proud of Atlantico rum. I love the brand.”

6. Celebrity Alcohol: Pitbull

Pitbull – Voli

In Pitbull’s world, there’s no party without Voli vodka. Last year, the “International Love” singer became the owner and ambassador of the brand. "I'm really moved to associate with Voli Light Vodka, to be a majority shareholder in this incredible brand," said the Cuban rapper.


7. Celebrity Alcohol: Fergie

Fergie - Ferguson Crest Wine

What could be more fergalicious than this? Fergie invested in owning her own California wine vineyard and developing the product with her dad. “It's an investment. I'm investing in real estate. Plus, my dad is going to have a great house,” she said. Salud to that!

8. Celebrity Alcohol: Santana

Carlos Santana - Casa Noble Tequila

In 2011, the musical icon became a shareholder of the historial Casa Noble Tequila, which has been producing tequila since the 1700s. "We have come together because I love the tequila," Carlos Santana said in an interview. "I feel at home with my new family at Casa Noble. They strive for excellence and don't take shortcuts. Just like the music of Santana, one note or one drop... they are the same thing."