20 Latino Celebrities With Delightful Dimples

Sure, dimples may be considered genetic defects or deformities that are caused by  shortened facial muscles, according to Genetic.com. But those oh-so-interesting facial indentations are still pretty darn pleasing to the eye, especially on the faultless faces of celebrities like Mario Lopez, Eddie Cibrian and Ana Ortiz. Here’s a look at 20 Latino celebrities with delightful dimples.

1. dimples slide 01 milan

Milan Piqué

He’s only six-months-old, but Shakira’s son with Gerard Piqué, Milan Piqué, is already turning heads with his adorable face, complete with must-pinch cheeks and a tiny little dimple on the right side of his face. iAy, que chulo!

2. dimples slide 02 mario lopez

Mario Lopez

Still waters run deep… And, so do the dimples on Mario Lopez’s handsome face. Combine them with the Extra host and actor’s ripped body and you can see why he’s so irresistible.

3. dimples slide 05 cameron

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has a bangin’ body for days… But the Something About Mary star also has a killer smile and flawless face complete with two dimpled cheeks!

4. dimples slide 08 Prince Royce

Prince Royce

There’s no denying Prince Royce has a royally adorable face, especially with that signature smirk that accentuates his delicious dimples.

5. dimples slide 07 William Levy

William Levy

Admit it, you didn’t realize William Levy had a dimpled face! Don’t worry! We, too, were distracted by the telenovela star’s piercing eyes, searing smile and chiseled chest.

6. dimples slide 03 diego

Diego Luna

Its no wonder Diego Luna has been stealing scenes since his star-making role in Alfonso Cuarón’s 2001 Spanish-language drama Y tu mamá también, the 33-year-old Mexican actor and filmmaker has a pair of dimples that make us melt!

7. dimples slide 04 Luis Gerardo Méndez

Luis Gerardo Méndez

Nosotros los Nobles, which centers on three spoiled children who are cut off from their family’s riches and forced to work, recently broke box office records in Mexico… And, we’re putting our money on Luis Gerardo Méndez’s dimpled face as the main reason why. After all, the 31-year-old Mexican actor is swoon-worthy when he smiles!

8. dimples slide 06 Vanessa Marcil

Vanessa Marcil

She’s best known for her Daytime Emmy-winning role as Brenda Barrett on General Hospital, but we can’t help but recall Vanessa Marcil’s appearance as “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” in Prince’s music video for the popular 1994 song.

9. dimples slide 09 Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz

She may be one of the stars of television’s hottest new show, Devious Maids, but there’s nothing deceitful about Ana Ortiz’s sweet face, complete with a pair of charming dimples.

10. dimples slide 10 eddie

Eddie Cibrian

There’s no missing the pronounced dimples on Eddie Cibrian’s fine-looking face. In fact, the actor and soon-to-be reality television star has the best dimples in the business.

11. dimples slide 11 Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O'Brien

Extra, ExtraSoledad O’Brien has some of the most delightful dimples in the news business. And now the award winning broadcast journalist and former CNN anchor is sharing them with viewers of the Al Jazeera America.

12. dimples slide 12 adam rod

Adam Rodriguez

It doesn’t take a detective to determine that former CSI: Miami star Adam Rodriguez is guilty… Guilty of making us melt with his good looks, chiseled face and desirable dimples, that is!

13. dimples slide 13 bruno mars

Bruno Mars

Treasure” that’s just what Bruno Mars’ dimples are… One look at the Grammy-winning singer’s face and you’ll feel like you’ve been locked out of heaven for too lo-uh-o-uh-ong.

14. dimples slide 14 mariah

Mariah Carey

She may have a multi-octave voice, but it’s Mariah Carey’s darling dimples that hit all the right keys. They’re absolutely “#Beautiful!”

15. dimples slide 15 sabrina

Sabrina Soto

Like the projects Sabrina Soto features on her HGTV series The High Low Project, the Cuban-American design star’s pronounced dimples are sheer perfection.

16. dimples slide 16 gael

Gael Garcia Bernal

Like his Y tu mamá también co-star, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal has scene-stealing dimples on his enchanting face.

17. dimples slide 17 victoria

Victoria Justice

Talk about VictoriousNickelodeon star Victoria Justice’s dimples succeed in not only catching our attention, but making us grin from ear to ear.

18. dimples slide 18 marc anthony

Marc Anthony

He’s one of the biggest Iconos in Latin music…  And, he’s recently experienced massive success with his latest single, “Vivir Mi Vida.” Could his luminous smile and distinct dimples have anything to do with? Our guess? Yes!

19. dimples slide 19 Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt

Call them the Bratt pack… No not Benjamin Bratt’s abs! We’re talking about the former Private Practice star’s dimples! Oh how they take our breath away!

20. dimples slide 20 naya

Naya Rivera

Yes , Naya Rivera is a bombshell… But the Glee star has a dimpled face that’s the bomb-diggity.