The Other Woman: 5 Latinas Who Have Played the Other Woman

The new film The Other Woman – starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann – is heading to theaters April 25! The Other Woman centers on a woman who finds out that her boyfriend is actually married. After accidentally meeting his wife, she realizes the two of them have a lot in common. This eventually leads them to developing a close friendship that includes teaming up to create a plan to bring down their lying and cheating man.

With The Other Woman’s upcoming release, we thought we’d take a look at a handful of Latinas who have played the role of the other woman on-screen.

1. Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz

Diaz plays the role of Carly in the new film, The Other Woman. Carly is dating a man named Mark whom she later discovers has been married throughout their entire relationship.

2. Alexa Vega in From Prada to Nada

Alexa Vega

The 25-year-old actress played the role of Mary Dominguez in 2011’s From Prada to Nada. The film is about two spoiled sisters who are left broke after their father’s sudden death.  They are forced to leave Beverly Hills and move in with their aunt from East L.A. In an effort to get money and find a way back to Beverly Hills, Mary begins sleeping with a wealthy man whom she later finds out is married.

3. Dania Ramirez in Devious Maids

Dania Ramirez

Ramirez plays Rosie Falta on Lifetime’s hit series Devious Maids. Rosie winds up becoming involved an intimate relationship with her married boss.

4. Eva Mendes in The Women

Eva Mendes

In 2008, Mendes starred in a film called The Women. The Cuban American actress played Crystal Allen, a woman who wants to obtain material things (money, nice house, nice car) in the easiest way possible. To Crystal, that means to get a rich man to marry her and she doesn’t care whose marriage she has to wreck along the way to make that happen.

5. Alexis Bledel in Mad Men

Alexis Bledel

In 2012, the Argentinian American star played the role of Beth Dawes on the series Mad Men. Married to insurance salesman Howard Dawes, Beth begins having an affair with Pete Campbell.  Pete is the husband of Trudy Campbell whom he also had two kids with.