Exclusive: Larry Hernandez Dishes on His Show 'Larrymania,' New Albums, And More!

The king of corridos, Larry Hernandez is preparing to get even more intimate with his fans. The Mexican singer-songwriter is starring on his own Mun2 reality television show , titled Larrymania. The 10-episode, one-hour series premiering in October will invite viewers to take a look at Larry's personal life and fast-growing empire. We spoke to the "Carita de Angel" singer about his upcoming show, new albums, and more.

What can your diehard fans expect from your new reality show, Larrymania?

“I’m putting it all out there! People will get to see a new side of me and in an all-natural kind of way. This isn’t about putting up a false image because no one is going to buy it. It’s going to be all about la pura neta.”

The show will also showcase you as a dad. How have you created a balance between fatherhood and your career?

“My kids live in Arizona. I have to say bye to them every time I have a gig and it’s one of the hardest things I have to do as a father. My kids are sacred and so is the time I spend with them. That’s why whenever I get the chance to be with them, I’m in the moment enjoying every minute of it. It’s tough, but thank God that work is going the way it’s going right now.”

How did you get your nickname El Amigo de Todos (Everyone’s Friend)?

“I got my nickname in 2003 after recording my independent album. In Arizona there was a corrido named 'El Amigo de Todos,' and the lyrics say that a man should respect the poor, the rich and everyone in his path. With strong work ethic and his sincere spirit he became everyone’s friend. So after I covered that song everyone remembered me as El Amigo de Todos.”

What ingredients are a must for you when it comes to developing a hit corrido?

“Truth. Your corrido has to be honest. It needs to have a spark of humanity. If not, people just aren’t going to buy it. It also needs to have balls (laughs).”


“Yes, a real corrido needs that element to really hit home.”

Okay, we’ll take it. You also come from a very musical family. What did you learn from them, especially your grandfather?

“Wow! First and foremost, I learned that drive and ambition to want to push forward. He worked hard to raise my mother and all of my uncles, so I feel like I inherited his work ethic, talent, and strength. He also taught me how to play the tololoche. Thank God that he is still alive and is able to see all of my success. That really means a lot to me.”

Your audience turnout broke records at the ‘Descarda in Las Vegas.’ Do you have a memorable fan experience you want to share?

“Yes, I met a little boy who was performing on the street to be able to buy himself a saxophone. During our sound-check I heard him playing, and went up to him and invited him to play a song with me. After our performance, he was able to collect enough money to buy the instrument. It was amazing.”

Tell us about your upcoming albums, Larryvolucion and Capaz de Todos?

"I have been recording different material in the past couple of months. Larryvolucion will include heavy corridos and light corridos while Capaz de Todos will be focused on love songs. It will include songs about everything from falling in love to betrayal. I will also have a bachata track in there so I’m curious to see if my fans will enjoy it."

Larrymania premieres on October 7 at 9pm on Mun2. Will you be watching?